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“Hard to Find” by Ali George

British singer-songwriter Ali George encapsulated the hardships many faced during the COVID-19 lockdowns with his 2022 single, “Hard to Find.” 

Dubbed an artist with “an unusually earthy quality,” Ali simplifies “Hard to Find” to a few simple instruments, focusing the attention on the lyrics and vocal skills. Although the song contains the typical instruments in folk music, it doesn’t mean the piece isn’t extraordinary. 

Ali successfully draws his listener in with relatable lyrics, impeccable guitar finger-picking skills, angelic vocal harmonies, and smooth dynamics. The most inviting aspect of “Hard to Find” is the lyrics.

Many people love songs they can relate to, and since everyone had to endure the pandemic lockdown, most of the world could acknowledge that they’ve felt what Ali is singing and connected to the words.

“It’s so hard to find our way in this darkness / We’re both trying to weave our own dreams in this darkness,” Ali sings in the chorus.

The COVID-19 lockdowns sent the world into a state of confusion because people didn’t know what their next moves would be since the virus sprung up unexpectedly. However, some people took advantage of the pandemic that practically put the world on pause by chasing after dreams despite not knowing what would come or if it would pan out the way they expected. The point is that the pandemic was a dark time for everyone in one way or another. 

“Oh, my love, we’re growing old / But don’t feel sorry for us / ‘Cause everybody in the world is in the same boat / painters, puppeteers, mountaineers all crying for / dancers, glass blowers, pumpkin growers all vying for/ basket weavers, alpine skiers, they’re all dying for the time to do anything we love / that thing we care about.”

“Hard to Find” is something the world needs to hear!

If you find that you connect with the message in “Hard to Fiind,” know that the track can be found on all music streaming platforms. Rising Artists readers and followers are encouraged to follow Ali on his music journey and to check out some of his other releases. Also, follow him on social media. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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