Dorian, Blast Off, radio edit

“Blast Off (Radio Edit)” by Dorian

Promising R&B star Dorian flaunts his immaculate vocal capabilities in his 2022 energetic release, “Blast Off,” a track surely to incite an empowerment feeling. 

Released in November 2022, “Blast Off” is a part of the Baltimore singer’s latest seven-track album, “33.” It’s the kind of song that effortlessly commands listeners to shed their insecurities and put on their Beyoncé-esque confidence—if you don’t have one, “Blast Off” will provide. 

In addition to Dorian’s flawless voice style, the dance-inciting beat and infectious rhythm are some of the key factors that make the track pleasing to listen to. There are different versions of “Blast Off.” While the original and radio edit are similar, they begin differently. The radio edit begins with Dorian singing: “Thought we couldn’t do it, but we did,” while the original starts with backing vocals singing, “nobody knows you like I do.” Either way, they both have strong openings.

There is also an acapella version on the album. 

“33” follows behind the singer’s success with his previous album, “Dream World Pt. 2: The Arrival,” which gained over 500,000 streams on multiple music service platforms. With many of the songs on “33,” Dorian explores various genres, from rock and pop to R&B and soul. His goal is to show listeners who he is.

“I want to give you different sides of me with this project. Each song is different from the other, and yet is a direct reflection of where I am personally and musically,” Dorian said. 

“Blast Off” is incredibly fun to listen to, and there’s no doubt that people will gravitate toward it.

You can head over to Dorian’s social media accounts to follow him for more content, to follow him on his music journey, or to tell him what a great song “Blast Off” is. 

Dorian not only seems to be great at what he does musically, but it’s also evident that he’s serious about connecting with his audience and giving them what they would want. Undeniably, Dorian will “Blast Off” to the top as long as he’s making incredible music like the ones on “33” and “Dream World Pt. 2: The Arrival.”

Written by Taylor Berry

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