“Windows and Doors” by Linda Marks

Linda Marks is a purveyor of transcendent chord progressions and melodies. “Windows and Doors” is no different. With lyrics in an elegant narrative style and a lovely theatrical production value, this track just oozes emotionality. Linda is a songwriter who knows exactly how to manipulate music to fit a specific, yet relatable lyric. You’ll find yourself in this dreamy, contemplative state, engulfed in a story that might not be yours, but reflects something intrinsically human.

As far as the chords go, the piano carves out most of the progression. As Linda picks and chooses chords from different keys, the overall atmosphere morphs into something dramatic and ultimately uplifting. With every non-diatonic choice, we’re transported to an accessible yet deeply complex musical soundscape. Her melodies drape over it effortlessly. You can tell she has a fantastic ear.

Lyrically, we’re regaled with a story of a person whose age both limits and frees them. It’s a tale of acceptance, nostalgia, and bittersweetness. It’s not too often we come across songs that analyze this topic, so it’s refreshing to digest it through a musical lens. If you’re in the mood to reflect on aging and the implications of it, Linda has got your back.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to “Windows and Doors!” Linda Marks has an innate tendency to create music that allows you to get lost in thought. So, allow the sweet piano flourishes and brilliant dynamic shape to take you away. You won’t regret getting to know her thoughtful, elegant style.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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