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Artist Interview: “Time Of Our Lives” by Tarra

Q: “Time of Our Lives” is such a lively song and I tend to think that a musician’s art contains a piece of themselves. So, how does “Time Of Our Lives” relate to who you are as an artist? Basically, In what ways does the song show listeners who you are?

TARRA: “Time Of Our Lives” definitely does a good job capturing who I am as an artist. Feel-good songs are some of my favorite ones to write and record; I am obsessed with the idea that music can be absolutely mood-altering (because that’s exactly the function it plays for me).

If I could pick any song to encapsulate my current artistic aesthetic, it certainly would be this one- breezy, colorful, pastels, magical. I am also a super visual thinker, and some of those vivid images that come alive in the lyrics of “Time of Our Lives” really do represent how my brain works in colors, visuals and panoramic shots. So truly, I think the song is very close to me as an artist and person.

Q: How did the idea of the song come to you?

TARRA: The conception of “Time Of Our Lives” was really unique from all my other songs in that I generally ALWAYS start with a lyric first. As a songwriting-oriented artist, that’s just always how I’ve functioned, but not with this song.

This is one of those songs that completely flipped the equation for me, because this time I started with the music first. In fact, the first thing that I ever thought of was the guitar/synth “hook” that the song opens with. I still remember how it all happened very clearly: I was messing around on my keyboard with my music software open when I found this really cool synth sound that inspired me to write this melody.

Instantly, I knew that I had to write to this idea. I played the melody back to myself, and I could feel the road trip feel-good vibes emanating from the tune. Some visuals came to mind – pink skies, open roads, music on full blast, the beach – and these images naturally turned into lyric and vocals! If you read the words to the song, you’ll definitely be able to see how these initial ideas and concepts translated into what “Time Of Our Lives” is today!

Tarra, Time of Our Lives, song

Q: What do you want your listeners to take from the song or to feel?

TARRA: I want this song to be a mood-booster for listeners. I want them to feel instantly energized, refreshed, and optimistic . I want them, for these three minutes, to leave their stresses behind and transport to the magical feeling of open roads, sunset skies, fresh air and music on full blast – as if they were there right now.

I think songs truly have the power to make someone’s day- to set their tone and attitude- and if my song can make even one listener enter a blissful headspace, or turn their mood around – then it’ll have achieved its purpose.

Q: You were recently featured in Rolling Stone India, what does that feel like?

TARRA: The premiere with Rolling Stone India was one of those moments that reminded me why staying on the path of music is worth it. While accolades is never the end goal – connection is- securing a feature on a platform like Rolling Stone was the nod or signal I needed to reassure me that I was going in the right direction- and doing exactly what I was meant to do.

As artists, it’s sometimes hard to know if your art is connecting with people like you hoped it would. But when blogs and publications pick up on my music or review it, it’s such a great feeling reading their perspective of the song, understanding how my music came across for the audience, and knowing that people truly engaged with my art.

Q: What has the support been like for you?

TARRA: It has been surreal. I still have a pinch-me moment everytime I open my Spotify for Artists app and see that someone’s listening to my music right now. Not that long ago, all these songs were just an idea in my head.

It’s crazy to me that people take time out of their day to listen to my music, or even better, integrate it into their day. The support has been from all kinds of different platforms, pages and playlists, but my favorite kind of support is when I get a thoughtful, detailed DM from a new listener telling me they loved my music and could relate to it. After all, they’re who I’m doing all of this for in the end!

Q: What do you have to say to those listening to your music?

TARRA: Thank you for taking a trip into my world. Thank you for meeting me through my art. Everything I do as an artist is with the hope that it’ll touch or affect someone in some way, and you, just by listening, make that all come true.

And last but not least, I’d like to say this: I’ve got so much more music on the way that I think you’ll love, and I really hope you’ll stick with me on this music journey because I’m so excited to share it all with you!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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