“butterflies” by Kelia

“butterflies” by Kelia combines a classic R&B chord progression, a wash of ethereal instrumentation, and some seriously impressive vocals to create something sultry, sweet, and overall delightful. It’s impossible not to crack a smile listening to her. As the wistful, dreamy lyrics flow by, an intoxicating groove sets in–and just like that you’re enveloped in the perfect R&B atmosphere.

A spacey, fluidly panned keyboard performs the first four chords. “Ever since you looked my way / I’m dreaming ‘bout you in the day,” Kelia sings, her melody lush with graceful runs. She’s joined by a tasteful guitar, raking through chords and adding small embellishments. A simple kick-snare pattern bursts through the mix as Kelia’s melody flips into a higher register. She remains on a single note, letting the rhythm of her words take center stage for a moment. A fuzzy bass provides little melodic flourishes as we approach the impending chorus.

“Do I give you butterflies?” Kelia recites. Snaps and harmonies fill the background of this memorable chorus. With a shape that satisfies the formula for unbridled catchiness, the melody seeps into the recesses of your brain and has you singing, humming, or moving along in no time. There’s no denying the effectiveness of the songwriting and production that went into creating this piece of music. It’s simply imbued with vibrant, tranquil joy.

Be sure to give Kelia a listen and a follow! Her musicianship and style are easy to appreciate. You’ll fall in love with her voice and individuality.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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