“Day After Day” by Marcus Smith

“Day After Day” by Marcus Smith is the perfect fusion of Rock and Hip Hop. You can immerse yourself in the effortlessly melodic hook, revel in the John Frusciante-esque guitar riff, or groove to his quickfire verses. Regardless, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the infectious musicality of Marcus Smith.

With a percussive flourish, we’re thrust into the hammer-on-laden guitar riff. It’s quick. It’s cool. It’s quite frankly impressive. A choir of voices erupts: “Day after day / Day after day / I’m always moving forward.” Harmonies coat the melody in this organic, subtle way. Marcus inserts a few vocal ad-libs, cascading down the scale soulfully. His rap verse begins: “No matter the setbacks and steps back, I still press on.” His voice rings out with clear rhythmic integrity, emphasizing syllables with sharply pronounced consonants and gratifying rhymes. His words tell an uplifting story–all about overcoming trials and tribulations, to eventually come out on top. It’s always refreshing to hear a song with positive lyrics that don’t come across as corny, and Marcus Smith nails it.

The rest of the song follows quite the climactic arc. Be sure to stay tuned for the simple yet catchy instrumental break and a unique reinvention of the hook. Plus, you might just get to hear some bongos. If you’re looking for lyricism, Marcus Smith will deliver. Musically, he creates this funky, retro atmosphere that pretty much any music-lover could appreciate. Don’t miss out on “Day After Day.” You’ll probably have a new favorite artist afterward.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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