“Darling” by Aggressive Soccer Moms

“Darling” by Aggressive Soccer Moms is just as peculiar as it is wildly engaging. If you’re into post-punk bands like Black Midi, then you’ll be delighted to know this song channels that experience but with a bit more electronic, synthy goodness. It’s dark. It’s mesmerizing. It’s distinctive.

It begins with an energetic drum groove, a few staccato vocal samples, and a delay-laden electric guitar. It already has a bit of a repetitive nature but in a sort of hypnotizing way. “You call me a liar / You don’t get to call me darling,” the singer chimes, piercing through layers of distortion. The words are rhythmic but not necessarily melodic, although the phrases do rise and fall in a few key places. The chord progression remains the same for a lot of it, although new textures trickle in and out to give it some interest. When it finally does change, the sounds get lower and darker, letting these sections sink into a more low-energy atmosphere without necessarily having to change the volume.

Other unique and experimental moments include a spoken retro sample, a gloriously modal guitar solo, and a sudden, echoey ending. Throughout the song, the chaotic mix remains much the same, giving it that spacey, psychedelic, electronic ambiance. You won’t be able to peel yourself away. It grips your attention with its rhythmic, shouted idiosyncrasies.

Be sure to give Aggressive Soccer Moms a try! They’re certainly creative, and if you want to feel like you’ve got your finger on the pulse of inventive, modern music, you couldn’t do much better than “Darling.”

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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