Look no further for a genuinely well-written and well-produced alternative rock song. “FRAME IT” by HIGHWAYVES rises above the droves of atmospheric yet often boring indie music to give us something infectious, dynamically satisfying, and skillful. If you love this genre but struggle to find new artists, here is your cure. Songwriting, performance, and arrangement come first with this song–and while the production elevates it to something truly brilliant, the foundation of this track is what makes it so irresistible.

The intro consists of a few build-and-release moments, performed by a chorus-drenched electric guitar, a rumbling bass, and some drums. This groove continues into the verse: “Our words of love were painted in black and white.” The singer has this bright and effortlessly cool tone, bolstered by some doubling and spacey reverb.

The pre-chorus arrives with a small percussive flourish, then the drums disappear entirely. The lead line rockets to a higher register, heightening the tension for the eventual release of the chorus: “I’m breaking / So take a piece of me and frame it.” The instruments reach their peak loudness, locking into a rhythm with one another. The melody drapes itself over two pleasing and unique chords, forming a catchy, frenetic shape. It’s hard to hear this section and not instinctually sing or move along.

Give HIGHWAYVES a listen! Truly, this is an artist that is meant to be creating music. It’s evident in the intrigue and general delightfulness of this track. You might just have a new favorite rock artist at the end of the day.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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