“09 MESSI” by Trevour Amunga

Creating anything can be so much fun! There is an indescribable feeling that you get when you are creating something that you love. That said, some of the best creation and creative processes come from being inspired to create something. “09 MESSI” by Trevour Amunga is a song that is about this inspiration.

 Musically, I think this is cool! I feel that the beat fits the mood of the song. It’s a bombastic beat, trap-inspired, and I think that it gives us the energy that Trevour Amunga wants to convey. I think that it complements the lyrics of the song super well! Speaking of the lyrics…

The lyrics are solid here! This is a personal thing I love, but at the beginning, he says, “Give me bass!” and I love that because to me, it makes it feel like we are in on the creative process. I envision Trevour saying it to the studio engineer as he’s making the song, which I believe is intentional since the song is about the creative process.

Trevour Amunga has some dope flows on here too! In the first verse, he’s got this bar where he’s saying, “I am the bag and I am the blick, if I am the ref, I need a hit, if I need to pass, then I am equipped…” and the way he is able to fit all this in while keeping up with the beat, a task that is beyond difficult, believe me, is nothing short of excellence.

There’s a lot more to this song, but I don’t want you all to only take my word for it, go ahead and give “09 MESSI” by Trevour Amunga a listen!

Written by Marcus Norris





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