“Nothing Like Loving You” by Clay Joule

Clay Joule’s “Nothing Like Loving You” is out and from the first few strings of the track, listeners can tell this will be a joyful beat. Clay has really shown his talents here by initiating a mixture of 90’s garage band soft rock and inspiring easy-listening.

Nothing Like Loving You” is the perfect song for a sunny day and riding around with your dog in the front seat of your truck. Why do I bring up a dog, you ask? Well, it just so happens that “Nothing Like Loving You” is a song dedicated to pets and the love he has for them. So this is not only a great upbeat song, but it’s also perfect for pet lovers and owners.

Nothing Like Loving You” is passionate and seems like it’s written from the perspective of a loving pet. “The only human I love” hints at a dog’s love for its new owner, as this could be exactly what flows through the mind of a happy pet. This could be for any animal coming into a welcoming home, as humans we may forget that they feel like they are human too and sometimes act as such. Clay Joule has done a great job of capturing the feelings of an animal and gives a great view from their eyes.

Nothing Like Loving You” has a video for the feel-good single, (which you can watch right up there) and it’s even in black and white, as we are seeing through the eyes of dogs. “Nothing Like Loving You” also contains entertaining lines, such as “I might be a little harry” and “I’m always hungry”. Pet owners won’t be able to help themselves from smiling when hearing this track from Clay as it has a natural-sounding cheer to it.

Clay Joule is an emerging, multi-talented producer, artist, singer, songwriter, and drummer and will continue to share his talents through his positive music and will forever be heard on playlists everywhere.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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