“Punk Rocker” by American Standard

American Standard is back and they are ready to take on the world…again! “Punk Rocker” is their fresh new single and it’s just as fun as it is clear that they have missed us listeners, just as much as we’ve missed them.

The members of American Standard are far from a new band as they first formed in 2002 and they know exactly what they are doing regain our attention. They dive in full force into this head-banging 3:08 track and throw in many punchlines that remind listeners of a time when punk rock was like this, loud, crazy, and easy listening.

While being described as skater-rock, punk-rock, and classic-rock, American Standard is making new waves for themselves as they are proving they have much more to say.

Around 1:20 and 2:00 the band gives a wild guitar solo that leaves listeners wanting more. With their clear message, of life is short, (“Living the life/ living the lie/ Life is a b**tch and someday you’ll die”) American Standard yells these lyrics together and it causes listeners to feel a surge of nostalgia from the vocal ranges combined.

“Go to the thrift store/ get some clothes/ look like you’re homeless/ learn to pose/ they won’t know you’re a fake/ just think of all the money you’ll make.” American Standard is a band that is sure to recapture our minds as they will help us remember what music used to be, and what it should be more of now.

Last year the band released their latest ep: “Self Titled” and tracks like ‘Hollow Leg” “stand” out and sound like a solid rage fest, and listeners who miss the garage band tunes will be sure to appreciate the existence of the band and all that they have to offer.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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