“Timeworn” by Mike and Mandy

Mike and Mandy have given us a mysterious track titled “Timeworn” and it’s pure 80s nostalgia. Mike and Mandy master the act of making something new from older sounds with a classic new-wave feeling.

Before we dive into the track itself, let’s look into the meaning of the word timeworn to uncover just a layer of the possible hidden meanings. Google defines this word as an adjective: “damaged or impaired, or made less striking attractive, as a result of age or much use.” It could also mean “something that’s been said or done so often it’s not fresh any more.”

By its definition it could mean a great number of different things, but Mike and Mandy do an exceptional job of making us listeners understand their feelings.

Timeworn” is electric, rhythmic, and timeless. This track contains soft rock tones and fresh beats, and neither Mike nor Mandy are new to the music world as they have been hooked on melodic pieces since their early days. “Timeworn” is already considered a superior track as it contains darkness and erie dynamics that make listeners believe we are truly in the “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” or “Time After Time” era.

Timeworn/ allnighter you’re fighting all alone/ do you wanna keep score of all the lover’s you’ve outgrown?” Mandys voice echos on this track (3:39) and gives the effect of singing directly to their listeners.

Timeworn” carries a faster pace and tempo than their past tracks such as “Are You Now”, “Lovesong” and “Wormhole” from their wellplayed EP released last year titled “Shelter in Place”. Since then, they have continued to surprise their listeners with new sounds and perspective.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester

Photo credits Michael Faulkner





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