“All I Need” by Emerald Bluffs

“All I Need” by Emerald Bluffs is a melody-driven indie pop track with a lot of heart. Built upon a classic chord progression, this song lives in an upbeat, sing-songy, sentimental realm that we don’t often encounter these days. It’s quite frankly impossible not to find yourself delighted after just one listen.

“I don’t need no other lover / She’s the one I see, I love her,” the singer utters, introducing us to the chorus immediately. A rhythmically complex strumming pattern rings out from the acoustic guitar, creating a fun, syncopated groove behind the somewhat simplistic melody. Drums enter, signaling the beginning of the verse. The melody and chords stay the same, which is actually quite difficult to get away with–however, the texture changes Emerald Bluffs implements keep the sectionality differentiated and the overall arc interesting.

The vocal tone on this track is also something worth pointing out. It’s not over-stylized. It’s actually rather conversational, giving the words this genuine, intimate, relatable atmosphere. We get to hear the idiosyncrasies of the singer’s voice, therefore we’re let into the emotional intention with a deeper understanding.

Stay tuned for some entrancing reverb throws, a catchy whistled line, and even a bit of cowbell. Although the sound design is pretty live, there is still some pleasantly unexpected instrumentation and arrangement. Keep your eye out for Emerald Bluffs and certainly give “All I Need” a listen and a download! You’ll fall in love with their effortlessly unique style and simple yet satisfying songwriting skills.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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