“That Night” by Cansy

“That Night” by Cansy absolutely breathes classic pop production and songwriting. You won’t find a song that sounds this nostalgic and incredibly modern at the same time. Its theatrical synths, pitched vocal samples, and meticulously autotuned melodies solidify it as a pop masterpiece. Plus, the songwriting itself can stand on its own–a feat that only the best musicians can claim.

It begins with a wash of reverb-drenched synths, vocal samples, and piano chords. “I want to go back to before knew / The day when I didn’t know you,” the singer croons, effortlessly gliding from chest to head voice. A trail of snaps holds the rhythmic momentum as we hurtle toward the chorus. With a vibrant drum fill, we arrive. The vocals become more acrobatic. The dynamic arc becomes more dramatic. The instrumentation fills out more of the mix. We ride the build to the tipping point, which eventually spills into a wonderfully satisfying post-chorus. This euphoric moment eventually melts back into the simplicity of a new verse–and thusly, we’re carried toward the anticipation and glorious imminence of another climax.

This is the push and pull we all know and love in electronic pop music. It’s integral to the genre and the overall effect of a piece. Cansy has it down to a T. Peppered with percussion, masterful chord progressions, and some plain-old, meticulous discernment “That Night” creates an emotional rollercoaster rivaled by few. Be sure to give Cansy some love on your choice of social media or streaming service! You won’t soon forget this brilliant track.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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