“Follow Through” by Avresa

With a name defined as “to depart on the beginning of an adventure,” Avresa does just that on their inspiring new single “Follow Through.” Avresa is a project by Australia-based multi-instrumentalist Jeremy. As Avresa, Jeremy shows cinematic indie rock songs with many moving parts are well within his comfort zone. Still, the song is able to take risks and bring the listener along for the adventure of a lifetime. 

This is Avresa’s sixth single, signifying another step in Jeremy’s journey as a now solo artist. Though it might be challenging, he chooses to persevere.

“Follow Through” starts right out the gate with large drums and electric guitars before it all falls away to vocals and acoustic guitar. The dynamics and range in production of this song are thought through and executed even better. Jeremy’s smooth and soft voice comes across earnest and true. It is the kind of song where it does not matter whether or not it is fiction, you’ll believe every word he says. The song could be compared to the award-winning Canadian band “Marianas Trench,” who are also a great example of cinematic rock music. 

Lyrically the single does an excellent job of showing how someone will show up for someone else, no matter what it takes. The lyrics were visual and honest and one of my favorite lines was, “And I can’t say to extents of why I hesitate, but I’ll make my own way there in time I promise / I will follow you when you need me when you need me to follow through.”

So go follow Avresa and listen to “Follow Through” out now!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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