“Miles Away” by Judah Dub

“Miles Away” by Judah Dub is a soulful, upbeat rap track brimming with these live, retro textures. As Judah tells us all about the ways he plans on sweeping his lover off their feet, we get the pleasure of melting into the rhythms, melodies, and effortlessly smooth sound design of the track. If you enjoyed “Sunday Candy” by Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, this track will make you feel that same warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

A piano plinks out a sentimental chord progression, ushering in the chorus melody: “Miles Away / I’m Miles Away / I’ll be on vacation, take you miles away.” A trumpet motif trickles through the background, adding a little interest to the simple yet catchy vocal line. The drums suddenly swell into existence, kicking off the verse. Judah raps a quickfire set of phrases, all with this tongue-in-cheek sultriness to them. His vocal style is actually rather expressive, for instance, he raises his tone of voice in this emphatic, conversational way when he utters the line, “I am simple / I like winning.” We’re drawn to the emotion he creates through these minute yet significant choices.

As the song carries on, Judah performs a few more verses and a few more choruses, creating that classic rap-sung form we all know and love. The juxtaposition between the melodic hook and the rhythmic verses keeps the listener engaged. With a splash of radio static, the song fades out, leaving us refreshed and delighted. Be sure to give Judah Dub a listen! You’ll love this wonderfully indulgent song.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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