“I Wouldn’t Worry” by Sugar Nova

Wake up into a dream with Caribbean inspired electronic track “I Wouldn’t Worry” by Denver-based duo Sugar Nova. The feel-good song is the fourth single from the group’s upcoming debut album. Sugar Nova consists of indie-rock singer Rachel Elsenstat and electronic jamband musician Luke Miller (from the band Lotus.) Many were skeptical about pairing two musicians from such different genres, but they were able to blend to create a whole new sound.

“I Wouldn’t Worry” is a fun way to create a conversation around anxiety with a fun chill electronic beat in the back. This song’s lyrics set it apart from the rest with the first verse saying, “I don’t wanna go I don’t wanna stay so I dissipate into the colors of my mind.” It is able to tackle the idea of what it feels like to live with no anxiety, which would be waking up in a dream.

The Caribbean tilt was a clever production idea to simulate that relaxed vibe. Miller incorporates steel drums, snapping, and harmonies in the guitars that transform the song. Despite having a calm, upbeat energy the song still makes you want to move and dance! It is a form of escape, and it highlights leaving the pressures of deadlines and focusing on love and peace.

The song is accompanied by a live video performance on their YouTube. It includes flashing lights and a disco ball, nicely playing on the dream-like concept the two built throughout the track.

Keep Sugar Nova on your radar and your playlist because the duo is consistently releasing thoughtful and creative works

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photo by From the Hip Photography





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