“I Love You” by Max Edwards

“I Love You” by Max Edwards is a rare find. It’s sonically interesting, utilizing the most electric, gripping effects and textural instrumentation. It’s well-written and built from classically effective chords and dreamy melodies. Most of all, it’s incredibly moving. The combination of his lyrical content and emotive vocal delivery takes this track to a whole different level. The idiosyncrasies of Max’s voice let you into his message on a more intimate level and ultimately leave you relating to it yourself. So, let’s dive into what makes this song so great.

“I’ve been trying to face the demons we all have,” he croons with a raspy, warm timbre. A soft piano lays out the chords, each one ringing out with trails of reverb, echo, and high-pitched overtones. The pre-chorus arrives, and the rhythms quicken. Bass envelops the low end, allowing Max to climb a beautifully anticipatory melody. We get a glimpse of what his chest voice sounds like in a high register–oozing with this urgency and desperation.

Finally, the chorus erupts with a cloud of these vocoder-esque harmonies. Max leaps acrobatically through runs and clever vocal flairs on top of a divinely melodramatic set of instrumental hits. Each crash of sound disappears almost as soon as it arrives, swelling and fading with the ultimate climactic ambiance. It’s the perfect way to emulate what he’s talking about: “I Love you / I Love you / That’s all I ever say.” When an artist can replicate a feeling solely through music, that’s when they’ve hit gold.

That being said, be sure to give Max Edwards a listen, especially if you’re in the market for a new heart-wrenching ballad. You’ll fall in love with his charming, touching artistry.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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