“Built Me” by Josh Tepper

“Built Me” by Josh Tepper is a song that manages to be both high-energy and touching. The beat is percussive, driving, and dynamic. At the same time, the vocal performance and lyrical content hold such a cathartic, emotional energy. With two well-matched vocalists whose timbres complement each other beautifully and a clean production value, “Built Me” feels ready for mainstream pop success.

The intro sports an arpeggiated electric guitar riff and a few vocal samples of the coming chorus. “Knew it was over when you closed the door,” Josh suddenly chimes, accompanied by this infectious drum groove. As the verse continues on, new rhythmic textures pile in, ramping up the build toward the chorus. Each phrase he utters also acts as a nice lead-up, filling out a picture of a couple who, although they might not be good for one another, always end up back together.

The chorus comes in with a climactic melody, suddenly performed by two vocalists in unison. The way the line falls satisfies the anticipation we’ve felt with this immense, catchy release. Plus, it introduces us to our new vocalist, who thickens the plot by (perceivably) acting as the other person in the couple. She delivers the next verse with a delightfully bright tone and a new perspective.

Be sure to check out Josh Tepper and give him a follow, like, download, or stream. This song is a testament to his talent and effortless style as an artist. You might just have a new favorite pop track or even a new favorite musician!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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