“Pal” by Murphy Smith

If you’ve been looking for another track with the same energy as “Disco Yes” by Tom Misch, you’re in luck. “Pal” by Murphy Smith has all the funky, clean-cut guitar work and vibrant melody writing you could want from a song. You’ll doubtlessly break out in dance, or at least crack a smile. So, let’s get into why this song deserves your attention.

A click and a brief, distorted peek into the coming chorus usher into our experience. A kick-clap percussion groove lays under the pithy, soulful guitar lick. Electronic keys fill out a little legato chord movement. “When you’re on the move…” the vocals ring out over the ever-grooving instrumentation. Little instrumental stops pleasantly interrupt the lead melody for small periods, keeping us invested in the evolving rhythm.

When we arrive at the chorus, the words simplify to a few repeated syllables/phrases. This is where you really want to sing along. A choir of background vocals swarms behind everything, as well as a fuzzy, pulsing synth. It’s hard to explain how the sound gets so much bigger here, but it really fills up. You’re swimming in a sea of textures, colors, and timbres. Needless to say, it’s pretty climactic.

Stick around for a wildly mesmerizing keys solo and a melodically gratifying ending. There’s so much to love about this song, so putting it all into words is impossible. Instead, just hit play and let yourself melt into the funk/pop goodness that is “Pal.” You won’t soon forget the artistic stylings of Murphy Smith.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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