“Gangster of Love” by JehiahSax

JehiahSax presents “Gangster of Love” and it’s an edgy soulful masterpiece. Listeners are blessed with this talented mixture of r&b, hip-hop, rap, and contemporary soul. JehiahSax, Ken Fitzpatrick and WereKitten take us back into time and show us that the saxophone and soul music will forever have a bond.

 “Gangster of Love” contains new age emotions as well as providing 90s vocals on the track, and Ken Fitzpatrick adds to that perfectly with his gangster talk, reminding listeners of our past favorite rappers that are no longer on the scene. WereKitten is pure with their background vocals, hitting at the right moments and carrying us into another place.

What would the song be without JehiahSax, playing his saxophone perfectly to match the tones and lyrics of Ken Fitzpatrick and WereKitten. Around 2:42 JehiahSax graces listeners with a solo which is certainly welcomed and this adds flair to the track and offers a more in-depth listen to his talent.

At the height of the track around 3:13 listeners are wowed with JehiahSax and the note that he achieves and this impressiveness is hard to miss (not that we would want to).

JehiahSax himself tells us about the lyrics, “[that] tell a story of one disconnected from their shadow side allowing it to take control. However, when the gangster realizes self love and shining ligh on the shadow tendences of one’s self create a powerful alchemy of the soul, he changes his stride for the better.

“I’m everything you know me to be/ I’m not hidin’ nothin’ that I can’t see/ if I wasn’t what I told you I was/ why you wanna give me all your love?” The trio forms magic on this track and with the addition of soul, rap, vocals and the marvelous woodwind instrument, “Gangster of Love” is a triumphant piece, that will grace our ears time and time again.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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