“Donuts” by Bingo Boys

“Donuts” by Bingo Boys is a loud, delightfully raucous experience with all the markers of a great punk track. It’s fast. It’s short. It’s just oozing with frenetic guitar work and aggressive, cathartic vocals. If you’re not imagining yourself engulfed in a chaotic crowd at a Bingo Boys concert, you’re doing it wrong. Every moment of this track feels specially crafted to revive the angst of your teenage years.

We’re ushered in by some screeching feedback, soon joined by a few choice tom hits. As the guitar riff begins, the drums peel out into a driving punk pattern. The motif is simple but incredibly effective, built mostly of severely distorted power chords and a tinge of bass. The vocals come in, living mostly on one note and repeating a quick-fire rhythmic phrase. The singer has a fantastic tone for this style of music. It’s genuinely difficult to perform this kind of vocal and sound convincing–and convincing it is. With a scream, we rocket straight into the chorus.

We receive a more melodic line this time, but only for a few short measures. The guitar takes on a lot more movement, both in the lead riff and the accompanying power chords. The guitar actually takes up a lot of the sonic space in this song, carrying the energy almost single-handedly for many sections–namely, the very end. A quasi-guitar solo/quasi-jumble of rapid trills takes you to the finish line, leaving you with the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve ever experienced.

Give Bingo Boys a try! You’ll love their energy, especially if you’re a punk aficionado.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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