“For You” by J. Matthews

“For You” by J. Matthews manages to be driving and mellow all at once. With a steady electronic drum groove and a slew of twinkly synth textures, it’ll surely give you a rush of soft, charming energy.

A lively guitar riff and a spacey synth get us started, followed closely by the beginning of the verse: “Taste the truth off your tongue / Took the breath right out my lungs.” We get a glimpse of the subject matter, characterized by romance and sultry phrases. The dreamy nature of the music complements it well. As we continue on, J. Matthews shows us a little more of his deep, warm timbre, sometimes doubled and doused with some tasteful vocal effects.

After the chorus, we’re gifted with a pleasantly unique instrumental. The drums take on a fun, swung groove, accompanied by a melodious synth riff and an arpeggiated guitar. It cuts to silence right in the middle, only to explode back into existence, all-the-more vibrant and ethereal. The lines and textures all overlap one another, creating something busy but somehow relaxing.

For the second chorus, J. Matthews jumps up the octave, taking his lyrics to another level of passion and urgency. He expertly crafts the dynamic arc of the song not to be intensely varied, but to have just the right amount of rise and fall to keep it interesting.

Give “For You” a listen! You’ll instantly fall in love with the smooth stylings of J. Matthews. His clear, warm vocals and sweet lyricism solidify him as a pop genius.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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