“Sunscript” by Palmar Arch

“Sunscript” by Palmar Arch is a heavy, indulgently satisfying, slightly psychedelic, alternative rock track. If you ever find yourself longing for that full, tremolo-and-flange-laden, 90s guitar sound, look no further. Palmar Arch nails the intersection of modernity and nostalgia. Plus, the chord and melody choices make for a complex yet accessible piece of music. So often these days, it’s difficult to get both–a cool, relevant sound and brilliant, musically solid songwriting. “Sunscript” blends the two so seamlessly, you don’t even have to give it a thought to enjoy it. You’ll be downloading it to your playlists before you know it.

The intro consists of a lovely dichotomy: A loud, driving wash of instruments, then a pause for a single electric guitar bend. With the final bend, we dive into the verse: “I’m sinking down a river / And I can see the wreck.” A kick drum thumps along in the background, topped by a distorted guitar riff. It manages to be sparse without losing its edge, which is perfect to build anticipation for the impending chorus. A pre-chorus full of harmonies and crunchy, non-diatonic power chords takes us to the finish line.

The melody reaches into the stratosphere, cascading down the scale in an anthemic style. The band really dynamically peaks here, utilizing wide, all-encompassing power chords and crash-cymbal-heavy drum patterns. Without a doubt, you’ll be moving along to the beat at this point. It materializes this electric, feverish energy that you won’t be able to ignore.

Give Palmar Arch a listen! “Sunscript” will blow your mind.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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