“Never For Me” by Moon and Aries

“Never For Me” by Moon and Aries is a spacey, mesmerizingly repetitive track that reads like an uplifting mantra. With lyrics that drive home the importance of taking your life into your own hands and shedding unnecessarily negative influences, it explores a topic not often covered in electronic music. Over a slew of gratifying percussion, the vocals imbued with soulful vibrato, Moon and Aries delivers a track that is just as groovy as it is meaningful.

A rhythmic jumble of bongos, shakers, and claps set the song in motion. Bittersweet piano chords outline the harmony. The vocalist hums a starting note, falling into the first lyric: “It was never for me / I’m taking it down.” She repeats this lyric again and again, each time with more warmth and sweet vibrato. Background vocals cascade over the melody, adding texture and fullness to the mix.

After the last iteration of the hook, we’re tossed into a verse full of enigmatic yet poignant lyrics. Without needing a concrete meaning, they communicate empowerment. The chord progression changes to something slightly more sentimental, allowing the song to breathe as it slowly approaches another recitation of the hook. A lovely, dramatic swell of vocals and a drum fill finally take us there.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more niche and experimental, give Moon and Aries a try! This unusual, quite frankly freeing piece of music will doubtlessly pique your interest. Plus, the production value and sound design create something for the audiophiles out there too.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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