“Do It Again” by Split Persona

There’s something that is so youthful about, “Do It Again” by Split Persona. With the rhythmic guitar riffs, the storytelling, and the tone of the singer’s voice, it has this classic feel to it that keeps you wanting more. I’m excited to review this one!

Musically, this has shades of Foo Fighters and some punk rock as well! The punchiness of the guitar riffs in the chorus and the singer’s voice reminds me of some old school punk rock, while the rhythm during most of the song gives that Foo Fighter feeling which I also love! I enjoyed the guitar solo bridge of the song, and I love how relaxed it is. 

Obviously, it sounds like someone playing their heart out, but there’s a sense of relaxation there, which I think coincides with the lyrics. I love when songs use narrative storytelling through their instruments, as it is such an underrated way to get a message across to your audience.

Lyrically, this is great! The singer starts off by telling us that he met a girl outside of Bakersfield, and he thought that he was dreaming but thankfully, he wasn’t! However, as time went out, they fazed out of one another. I love songs like this so much. It highlights one of the hardest truths: sometimes, you truly just fall out of love.

However, our singer realizes what he lost, and he wants the girl to know that she left an imprint on his brain. Even if they lost each other, he would love to do it all over again. This is just so damn beautiful.

I’ve got to shout out the music one more time, because it feels like the music is giving you the vibe of the story. When you hear, “A chance will come in time to turn it around”, the music sounds contemplative, like another chance may be around the corner!

Going back to the solo, it sounds so relaxed to me, because it sounds like somebody who is accepting the way things are, but still growing and becoming a better person. It’s beautiful. I didn’t even get into how the music fades when the singer croons, “My heart is too soft”!

If you can’t tell, I really love this song! It captures youthful exuberance with a nuanced look at relationships and growing past someone. Please check, “Do It Again” by Split Persona out, and check out all their music!

Written by Marcus Norris





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