“I Ain’t Coming Back” by Antony Alexander

“I Ain’t Coming Back” by Antony Alexander is a song that genuinely achieves that perfect intersection between catchy, sentimental melody writing and infectious production. You won’t be able to keep yourself from moving along to the pulse of the synths or the rise and fall of the vocal line. It all fits together like a puzzle–a quality only the best musicians can manifest. So, let’s identify what makes this song so great.

It all kicks off with a side-chained string of synth chords, linked so closely to the kick drum you can feel the beat in your bones. The chords are so rhythmic they almost read like a riff or a brief motif. Already, we’re invested–if not completely mesmerized. “I can’t do this no more,” the singer chimes suddenly, drenched in reverb but still displaying her bright, crisp tone. A mallet-like synth joins in, widening the textural space and welcoming us even further into our dreamy experience. In just a few short lines, we can already tell the singer is fantastic. She has immense control and taste when it comes to her technique choices, as well as an overall clear, fierce timbre. 

Drums ornament the chorus, utilizing crisp hi-hat and snare hits. The groove is busy, but not overwhelming. For the remainder of the song, we’re thrown into even more lovely melodies, brilliant sound design, and dynamically integral drum patterns. Dynamics tend to be one of the most–if not the most–important aspect(s) of electronic music, and Antony Alexander clearly understands that. “I Ain’t Coming Back” takes you from reserved yet funky to explosive in a matter of moments. If you’re in the mood for an intense, fun musical experience, this track will be your new favorite. 

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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