“Fading Out” by Henka

“Fading Out” by Henka will give you goosebumps. Imagine an early-2000s rock vocalist wailing over a dark, rhythmic EDM background–that’s what you’re in for. Henka’s belted vocals carry a powerful, heavy energy, while the accompaniment manages to be crisp and deeply distorted all at once. We’re set on a rollercoaster of dynamics, plunging into sparse, ominous territory only to be thrown into a loud, frenetic groove all of a sudden. By the end, you might just be out of breath (in the best way possible).

A synth bass pulses through the intro, then a snare hit sets the drums in motion. Here the foundation is laid for the ferocity of the coming song. “I’ve got an itch to scratch and I don’t even miss you,” Henka utters, her tone smooth and sultry insofar. The bass remains mostly on one note, but her melody paints these wildly interesting chord implications over top of it. She melts into her head voice for a brief pre-chorus, softening the sound before it inevitably explodes.

“Wake me up when it’s all said and done,” a cry erupts from the now blaring synths. Harmonies gather under the belted lead line, creating an electric energy. Henka hits it out of the ballpark as far as creating a gratifying climax goes. The production, songwriting, and vocal delivery work together to make “Fading Out” a true, heavy synth-pop masterpiece. Be sure to stream it, and follow Henka for more unique music! You’ll soon find yourself smitten with her style.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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