“idfallforyou” by Faye Regan

“idfallforyou” by Faye Regan is such a refreshingly delightful folk tune. The chords follow a classic progression, as does the melody–but classic doesn’t necessarily mean overdone–in this case, it indicates emotionally effective, familiar, nostalgic goodness. Plus, the instrumentation and sound design give us several unique moments to relish in. An upbeat, sentimental track like this deserves as much love and attention as it can get. It’s rare to find something with a positive message that doesn’t come across as corny or cliche. So, let’s talk about all the idiosyncracies that make this song so lovable.

The intro consists of two guitars: an acoustic that frenetically strums out the chords, and an electric that carves out a Travis-picked melody. For the verse, it dwindles to just the acoustic: “Baby my heart is spinning / Maybe I just need more sleep.” The singer’s voice is organic and unburdened by too many vocal effects. The lyrics are plainly stated but drenched in the beauty of simplicity and ultimately relatability. Over the lone acoustic, they feel authentic.

As the song continues, we’re presented with increasing swaths of instrumentation. Our beloved Travis-picked electric returns, soon joined by spacey harmonies, an almost psychedelic slide riff, and a plucky bass line. You almost don’t notice the lack of drums, which, aren’t even remotely necessary considering how well the acoustic carries the rhythm. In fact, too much percussion would take away from the perceived wholesomeness of the message. When the song ends with a slow recitation of the hook, you’re left smiling and probably daydreaming about a special someone. Faye Regan effectively channels the power of songwriting to invoke emotion in their audience.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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