“Kiss Me Tender” by Asha

Asha gives us “Kiss Me Tender” and it’s immediately sensual in all the right ways. Within the first few seconds listeners “surrender” to her voice and want to feel these emotions too. Asha does something unique here, with her use of instrumentals and echoing vocals, this creates even more of a mesmerizing feeling.

In 3:32 “Kiss Me Tender” reminds us of a classic track that makes listeners want to dance along as the song continues. Asha provides listeners with strokes of groove and ease in an effortless way and that is what makes this song so addictive.

Asha vocalizes perfectly on the track and her lyrics are timed to match the tone of the instruments provided. “Kiss Me Tender” is soft, calming, peaceful, and meant to be enjoyed while being around a loved one.

This track is about more than surrendering, it’s about feeling wanted and needing to be wanted in several ways. 

Asha is clear with her message of demanding more from her significant other and the way that she calls out to her lover is confident and certain, which is something that is effortlessly relatable.

“Judgement day is drawing near/ the point of no return/ we’re getting to the point of no return/ oh, we’re clinging to the edge of no return-”

“I want you to kiss me tender/ want you to make me surrender/ want you to kiss me tender-” Asha is telling her lover that it’s been a while, but she is sure this is what she wants.

“It would be nice to be with someone who sees me/ is that you?” Asha wants to know that they are on the same page and that they are expressing the same feelings. Asha makes this track even more soothing with her serene voice and upbeat tempos, this addictive track is sure to be on repeat.

While this is Asha’s second single from her upcoming album, “Magic” listeners are eager to hear what other transfixing songs will be presented.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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