“What’s The Use?” by Elohyek

Elohyek gives us “What’s the Use?” and we can’t help but sway along. This track is perfectly fit for those who enjoy alternative sounds and grunge-based lyrics. “What’s the Use?” is eye-opening as well as having an ajar thought process when it comes to the emotion behind the lyrics.

Elohyek presents high-quality and low tones on this track and it’s meant to be played on repeat. “What’s the Use?” may have a mono-toned beginning verse, but that changes quickly around 1:53 as listeners are completely immersed in heavy guitars and drums that compels listeners to continue being intrigued.

In 4:21 Eloohyek gives us mystery and shakes listeners with a downright sheer flawless delivery.  “What’s The Use?” Reminds listeners of nostalgic music from the 90’s with massive instrumentals that form well with the band’s vocals. From wondrous voices, the band consists of Cyrus Keefer, Jay Horne, Hancock, and Andrew McEwan and instrumentals include Connor Wyatt, Christopher Johnson, Zane Kreider, and Zac Daniels.

“I don’t feel it too/ if you say it’s true/ it’s never over/ I could make an excuse/ but what’s the use/ it’s never over-” There are some lyrics that contain a feeling of despair or hopelessness, as “What’s the Use?” continues on, it gets slightly darker and fans are drawn in even more.

What’s your problem anyway/ don’t you like the thing’s I say/ I’m known for/ Rather keep it in your head when the awful things you say turn painful.”

Elohyek is truthful and straightforward here and this is more of what music lovers crave from musicians, listers are anxious to hear what the band has to offer especially with their upcoming project “Evergreen Motel”.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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