CeCe gets real on her fresh track “Problems” and it’s what we all need. This catchy upbeat single is a perfect fit for today’s style of pop, indie-pop, and pop-rock. “Problems” is sure to be added to several playlists, with its easy-listening sound and relatable lyrics.

CeCe describes this song as “the ultimate F*#@ YOU FOR CHEATING ON ME record. This song gives anyone whose ever been betrayed by someone they love an outlet to be as petty and spiteful as they want to be.” And we couldn’t have asked for a better revenge track.

In 3:13 CeCe sings about intimate troubles and sums up so many relationships in a nutshell, the delivery is truly epic. 

We would hate to be the subject of the song as CeCe rips their issues to pieces as CeCe says “this song was written to get revenge for a friend who was brutally cheated on by their fiancé.”

Problems I got ‘em/ and you’re number one/ somebody better call up your momma/ tell her come get your son/ ‘cause I’m about to air out your laundry/ and laugh while it burns”, CeCe sings on the hook and it makes the song even more entertaining.

When we examine the cover art for the single “Problems” it’s fierce, red-hot, and shameless as CeCe has a devious look on her face like she’s going to spill all the tea, and we can’t wait to hear what upcoming music she gives us. If you are wanting more of CeCe, make sure you follow her socials and listen to her past hits such as FUEO and Broke AF.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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