“What Do You Dream” by tez

“What Do You Dream” by tez will fulfill all your indie rock fantasies. Brimming with ethereal guitar tones and poignant lyricism, this track is just as atmospheric as it is genuinely well-written and musical. So often these days, it’s easy to find something with the right ambiance but with little to no songwriting substance. Tez subverts your expectations by delivering a truly meaningful, clever piece of music enveloped in a spacey alternative rock package.

A cloud of sparkling notes develops through what seems to be a delay pedal or plug-in. The chord progression settles underneath, injecting the song with a solid sense of tonality. Suddenly, a wash of drums ushers in the chorus: “What does it mean?” Tez paints an anthemic melody, characterized by repetitive, quickfire lines and effortlessly cool delivery. His voice is deep and shrouded in layers of reverb and chorus. The instrumentation fills up with background vocals, synths, guitars, and bass, all of which melt together to create this fuzzy, delectable chord structure.

It all dissolves to just a single guitar line, signaling the beginning of the verse. Here, rather than a wall of conglomerated sounds, a few distinct textures trickle in. The motif choices don’t mimic, they complement. Still, it comes across as anticipatory and more subtle. The lyrics take on a bit more specificity, outlining the dreams of another person as well as the singer himself. It provides the perfect juxtaposition to the slightly more vague chorus and keeps the song pleasantly diversified.

Be sure to give “What Do You Dream” a listen! You’ll doubtlessly love the way tez brings his music to life.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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