“Dolce Vita” by Shab

“Dolce Vita” by Shab is a smooth, energetic pop song full of shapely melodies, vibrant instrumental textures, and relatable lyrics. With its rhythmic percussion and horn lines, it embodies a suave, Latin feel. Plus, the vocals just ooze soft, sultry, whispered goodness. If you’re in the mood to dance, you couldn’t do better.

It begins with a splash of percussion and a melodic synth riff, which carves out this fascinating scale. A few shouts can be heard in the background, followed by some introductory horn hits. “I want to chase the sun after midnight,” the singer croons with a quiet intensity. The tail end of each phrase collects instrumentation in one, big swell, only to drop down to a subtle, crisp rhythm as a new phrase begins. Dynamically, we’re already gifted something varied and wonderfully dramatic.

The chorus combines many of the previous motifs, including the horn swells from the verse and the modal synth riff from the intro. The vocals rocket into a higher register, relaying a catchy, anthemic melody ideal for singing or dancing along. The lyrics describe the effects of a love interest, pooling together clever references and metaphors for an overall poetic yet accessible atmosphere.

The rest of the song provides continuous rhythmic integrity and luscious, layered harmonies. For a decadent, easy-listening, universally liked sound for your next house party, put “Dolce Vita” in the queue. Shab delivers a song imbued with the greatest aspects of pop music. Be sure to give her a follow on your choice of social media as well!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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