“Campus Crawl” by Glossy Boy

“Campus Crawl” by Glossy Boy is one of those songs with the perfect tempo, chord progression, and melody to make your body move. If you don’t find yourself totally immersed in the decadent, dynamic gratification of this track, you’re doing something wrong. It absolutely nails the indie-rock ambiance while also being a stand-alone songwriting masterpiece.

We’re gifted with this gloriously layered guitar sound in the beginning, soon joined by a drum groove and a spritely, whistled melody. “I don’t know where you live, / But I’ll be there by sunrise,” the singer chimes, taking center stage as the instrumentation dwindles to gentle hi-hat hits and a few legato strums. By the time we return to the original groove, we’ve spent a while bathing in the sparseness, so it’s wonderfully climactic. The chords form a more minor progression. A new, mobile guitar riff coasts through the background. The singer explores different registers. It has everything a chorus needs and more.

As it continues, the groove gets even thicker. The drums ride the crash a bit more and the guitars get crunchier. We even have the pleasure of hearing a rather melodious guitar solo. It wraps up by reintroducing the whistled motif, which slows as the final hit trickles away. By now, you’ve probably got several of the melodic lines stuck in your head, and you’re itching for more. Give Glossy Boy a follow on your choice of social media! “Campus Crawl” is one of many entrancing tunes by this multifaceted, wildly talented artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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