“Odyssey” by Hounds Haul

“Odyssey” by Hounds Haul has the teeth you always crave from a rock song. There’s no holding back the loud, explosive energy contained in this four-minute masterpiece. With a wide range of influences, Hounds Haul not only gives you dynamic power, but musicianship, narrative lyricism, and a tinge of referential goodness. You’ll find yourself engrossed in this one–guaranteed.

We’re ushered into the song with a spacey synth swell, awash with other ornamental, twinkling textures. By the apex of the build, the band comes in full swing. We get distortion. We get snare hits. We get all-encompassing pads. We get a satisfying guitar motif. It quite simply blows you away with excitement. By the time we reach the verse, things die down a bit to give the vocals a little room to breathe. The singer has a rather powerful chest voice, pushing through a well-proportioned melody over the brooding, quietly intense instrumentation. Toward the ends of phrases, he reaches into his raspy, emotive register to give us a little fun, melodramatic personality.

The chorus arrives with a triumphant scream. The band returns to the ever-so-frenetic intro feel, a welcome eruption after almost two minutes of build-up. It truly gets into your bones. Not many rock songs have such electric energy to them these days, but Hounds Haul manages to invoke that angsty, fervent feeling so many of us search for in our listening experiences. If you like what you hear, give them a follow on your choice of social media and/or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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