“Theda” by Wednesday’s Child

“Theda” by Wednesday’s Child is the punk rock song of your dreams. It’s built from modal guitar riffs, delightfully angsty yells, and ghoulish lyrics–the ideal recipe for something retro yet undeniably unique. If you’re a Bikini Kill or Black Midi fan, you should definitely consider Wednesday’s Child for your next musical endeavor. You’ll find they have all the grit and effortless coolness you seek.

We’re greeted with a quasi-bluesy, distorted guitar riff right out of the gate. The lyrics come pouring in: “The wickedest woman / Mmm how viscous / Even if her story is quite suspicious.” The vocalist rattles off these clever, ominous words with a spoken clip. Underneath, a crisp electric guitar riff unfolds. Suddenly, the chorus arrives, combing through the repetitive hook in seven. The listener melts into the odd time signature, letting it breathe a little strangely pleasant discomfort into the groove. By the time it bursts back into four, the satisfaction is tangible. The intro riff fills the sonic space with crunchy, electric goodness.

The post-chorus is where we get a recitation of the title, and a decadent, eerie riff. This riff is the defining motif of the song. It really embodies not only Wednesday’s Child’s sound but also the strange and hypnotic ambiance of the song itself. Be sure to give “Theda” a listen! It’s a wonderful addition to the fabric of post-punk. Plus, you might just gain a new favorite female-led rock troop. Follow Wednesday’s Child on your choice of social media so you can stay up to date with their musical ventures!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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