“december” by the wren

“december” by the wren is the perfect depiction of a very specific, heart-wrenching feeling–but not just that. It runs the gamut of thoughts you have when your ex gets a new partner. It’s self-reflective. It’s seething. It’s sad. Over an ethereal backdrop of harmonies, acoustic guitar, and gentle percussion, the wren gives an intimate, emotive vocal performance. With that, she breathes life into the already poetically effective words and solidifies “december” as a brilliant work of songwriting.

“What version of you does she get? / The masquerading man or the broken little kid?” the verse comes in on beat one. A casual acoustic guitar strums beneath the sweet melody, which lands on all of the most moving chord tones. The use of a question here starts the theme off strong. We get a lot of the story encapsulated in one line–and the fact that it’s directed at the perceived ex makes it all the more poignant. The wren continues to give a convincing vocal performance, dotting her phrases with soft head-voice moments and conversational pronunciation.

The percussion and electric keyboard fade in after a verse, and slowly build upon themselves as the song chugs along. Verse two brims with warm backing vocals, feeling almost woven into the fabric of the song. As the wren chimes, “and I dodged a bullet, I know,” we’ve exited the slightly more rhythmic chorus. The irony hangs in the air, tingeing the song with just one more thoughtful, impassioned lens.

Don’t miss out on this one. “december” is truly a work of art. You’ll be glad you got to experience the creative, emotionally gratifying style of the wren.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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