“Phoenix Unbound” by Apoorva

Some songs are the soundtrack for your own transformation. You hear them and you think, “This is what I’ve gone through, and this is me changing.” When you find a song like that, it’s so powerful. “Phoenix Unbound” by Apoorva describes this exact feeling.

Musically, this is such a lowkey vibe! As always, you know that I believe this is intentional. The music is good because of this. It starts with this quiet, atmospheric sound, but once we get to the chorus, it gets louder but is still relatively quiet. I love this touch.

See, when we talk about transformation, we tend to think of these drastic, stark changes that everyone can see. However, true transformation is… quietly loud. The truest forms of transformation aren’t just seen, they are felt. From the music, I can feel the transformation!

Lyrically, this is great! It starts out with, “Where have I been, deeply within, alone discovering” and this is such a poignant line. Transformation is not only relatively quiet and gradual, but you are oftentimes the only person realizing that it’s time to transform! And you have to go that process alone.

One of my favorite lyrics in the song is actually within the refrain right before the chorus. “I am whole”, and the music gets slightly quieter before getting louder for the chorus. I LOVE this! It’s musical storytelling to a T! It shows someone who has found themselves and has accepted the phoenix in their lives. “I am Phoenix unbound” just hits different after hearing, “I am whole”!

I could go on and on about this song, it is excellent! However, I always want to make sure that the artist gets props, so please check out “Phoenix Unbound” by Apoorva!

Written by Marcus Norris




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