“Electrify” by Morrison Reed

Electronic artist Morrison Reed’s infectious sound is highlighted within his new single, “Electrify.” There is nothing quite like Reed in 2023; his distinct mix of horror-esque keys and contemporary electronic beats, with a touch of nostalgia, is the perfect music to get any party going. Fans of old-school music with a modern twist won’t get enough of Reed’s unique touch. An uneasy, distorted, yet captivating track, “Electrify,” will keep the listener on their toes from start to finish. 

Sydney, Australia’s Morrison Reed is not shy to play around with different genres and sounds. When listening to “Electrify,” one can hear elements of garage rock, indie, and electro; this psychedelic track will take the listener on a trippy journey they won’t soon forget. 

The track begins with a static instrumental consisting of jangly guitars, minor keys, and Reed’s distorted vocals. The thrilling buildup of the instrumental is intoxicating, making it that much more of a gripping trek. As the song continues, the music only gets that much more warped, making “Electrify” a continuous ride that only gets better.

Reed’s musical choices and undeniable talent shines through as his use of “taboo” sounds blend into a near-flawless song. “Electrify” is conscious-expanding, bringing the never-ending twists into an eccentric, particular track meant to get the listener to not only hear the music, but think deeper as well.

Take a listen to Morrison Reed’s hair-raising new track, “Electrify,” out now on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano







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