“War of the Worlds” by Chuck Phillips

The only way to describe the singer-songwriter Chuck Phillips’ voice is smooth like butter. Along with the effortlessly mellow vibe his vocals give off, the instrumental ties everything together flawlessly. His sound is the type of music that anyone will enjoy; it has the ideal mix of contemporary with nostalgia with its old-school rock vibe and captivating melody. With jangly guitars, upbeat keyboards, and a tranquil yet uplifting beat, Chuck Phillips’ new EP, “War Of The Worlds,” is perfect for those easy-listening fans. 

“War of the Worlds” comprises two harmonious tracks, one of the same name and the latter titled “Long Love.” Being his 4th studio release, one can hear the undeniable talent and distinct sound that Phillips creates. Not only does he write and produce all of his music, but he also plays all the instruments and provides vocals as well. 

The title track, “War of the Worlds,” is interesting, as the lyrics are contemporary, talking about the downfall of society. At the same time, the instrumental and clever vocals sound straight out of the 1970s. This juxtaposition of the serene instrumental accompanied by the rather dark/satirical tone of the lyrics encapsulates what makes Phillips’ music so special. 

The latter track, “Long Love,” is a bit more fast-paced, with whimsical, high-pitched keys, quirky yet hard-hitting drums, and Phillips’ vocals, which are in a much higher pitch than “War of the Worlds.” While the first single is more about the world and society as a whole, “Long Love” is more on a private level. The song tackles Phillips’ personal demons and thoughts, poking fun at his inability to keep a romantic relationship long. 

Although “War of the Worlds” and “Long Love” have entirely different meanings, both songs offer a bit of tongue and cheek with Phillips’ quick-witted lyrics, creating a safe space for the listener. Take a listen to this amazing EP! Chuck Phillips’ “War of the Worlds” is now available on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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