“Vanish” by Blueburst

“Vanish” by Blueburst is defined by thoughtful lyricism, dreamy rock instrumentation, and effective songwriting. Harkening back to a nostalgic, nineties atmosphere, it combines a vast array of influences in a unique, never-before-ideated way. Plus, if you’re a guitar junkie, get ready for the most gratifying solos you’ve heard in a while–steeped in simplicity yet tasteful as can be.

A lone guitar riff kicks the song off. Delay and reverb echo off of each note, soon overtaken by the full band. As drums and bass set a steady, driving groove, the lyrics trickle in: “Ride with me, she said / Let’s get gone.” The singer has a powerful, bright tone, a pleasant reflection of both the lyrical content and the already-established instrumental feel. The message continues to unfold, invoking feelings of wanderlust, indignance, and self-reflection. It makes you want to drive off into the sunset and never look back.

The chorus comes around and the mix widens. Distorted power chords envelop the sound as the singer cries, “Why don’t we just vanish in thin air?” From there, we peel out into a guitar solo, a synth solo, an acoustic breakdown, a bridge–you name it–this song has all the sectionality and textural integrity you could possibly ask for.

Give Blueburst some love on your choice of social media or streaming service! “Vanish” is the kind of cathartic song a lot of us need right now. If you’ve ever felt jaded by your everyday life or just crave a good rock song, you’ll doubtlessly love it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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