“Stop, Rewind” by Ivy Ash

“Stop, Rewind” by Ivy Ash feels like a delightful mix between Dua Lipa, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Grimes. If your thing is pop music with a little bit of camp, look no further. Complete with bubbly synths, coy, spoken lyrics, and infectious melodies, this track checks all of the boxes. You’ll be dancing along in no time, or at least adding this song to your spring/summer playlist.

The intro consists of a covered recitation of the chorus, overlaid with some laughter and funky electric guitar. “You and me / We both know / We gotta stop this façade,” Ivy sings with clear confidence. The mix opens up to a grounded bass line and a simple drum groove. With a rhythmic spoken line, we plunge into the pre-chorus, which fills with synths and claps. The melody toggles between long, high-pitched notes and quickfire syllables.

“I got it wrong / Why did I waste my time?” the chorus begins, utilizing every texture and rhythmic motif we’ve experienced so far. On top of this electric ambiance, Ivy sheds a toxic relationship, emphasizing freedom as the antithesis of control. It’s empowering. It’s cathartic. Ultimately, it’s a fun chorus.

Stay tuned for a few enhanced repetitions of previous sections and a sultry ending. “Stop, Rewind” puts in the work to be a creative and unique addition to the fabric of pop music. It is truly a thing to behold. So, be sure to give Ivy Ash your utmost attention! She’s on her way to not only stardom but songwriting and artistic success.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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