“I Die Every Night” by Gary Mictian

“I Die Every Night” by Gary Mictian is one of the catchiest electronic pop songs you’ll ever hear. Plus, you can really tell just how talented of a singer Gary Mictian is even through the fun, experimental effects. Lyrically, it’s got this vindictive tinge to it, yet the words are accessible and ultimately relatable. Something that can turn a good pop song into a great one is the message, especially when it juxtaposes the ambiance a bit. Gary Mictian uses that quality to his advantage, serving an upbeat, dance-able track with a thought-provoking theme.

“Thought you’d be there when I’m dying / But you’re no better than I am,” Gary croons, his tone crisp and bright. A twinkly synth leaps from note to note in the background. As the melody gets busier and more rhythmic, drums take over the instrumentation. One of the most notable things about this track is how quickly (and smoothly, for that matter) the textures fade in and out. Vocals might be in the spotlight one second, but before you know it, you’re paying attention to the percussion. Trading out motifs like this keeps the listener on their toes.

Fast-forward to the chorus, the melody skyrockets to a higher register and the bass and drums get respectively more rumbly and distorted. The infectious, cohesive energy of this section is undeniable. Gary Mictian does a fantastic job of crafting an endearing hook. So, be sure to give this song a listen! You’ll have a new favorite dark-pop anthem.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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