“Change Is Here” by Leti

“Change Is Here” by Leti is a vibrant electronic pop song with these universal, ethereal lyrics. Characterized by dramatic melodies and dreamy synths, it sits nicely in the realm of commercial pop but individualizes itself through a call-to-action style message and a unique vocalist. If you find yourself in need of a new favorite artist, give Leti a try!

A synth swell leads us into a rhythmic intro, peppered with distinctive percussion and spacey background vocals. “Smoke in the sky / The heat is on high / Scary as hell / Is this our new future?” Leti croons. Immediately, we’re thrown headfirst into the message. Leti’s voice has this whispery, bright tone that infuses her words with a lot of humanity, even over the crisp, mechanical production value. As the chorus arrives, she rockets to a higher register, and the bass takes over the sonic space. The melody has this wonderfully diverse arc, switching from legato notes to short, rhythmic phrases. It’s the perfect formula for a memorable chorus–which–is exactly the intent when the themes are this important. Creating an infectiously good song is a smart package for environmental change. Needless to say, Leti uses her musical prowess for good.

Stay tuned for a broken-down bridge and a few powerful changes to the vocal performance. There’s something truly magical about the atmosphere of this song. It encompasses a lot of skills, emotions, and textures that we don’t often see rolled up in one piece of music. Be sure to give Leti a follow and a stream!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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