“Don’t Break My Heart/ The One (Sped Up)” by Savoy Ellis

Savoy Ellis presents “Don’t Break My Heart/ The One (Sped Up)” and the uncredited voice gives us a beautiful take on love and r&b in just 3:01. First-time listeners can quickly be engulfed in the voice that carries the melodies and may notice that the track sounds just as great sped up.

At times there are songs that tend to sound unnatural with tones that are too fast and pitches that are off balance, but the uncredited voice and Savoy Ellis do this piece justice with the correct timing of instrumentals.

“Don’t Break My Heart/ The One” may even remind listeners of an old hit from the past, as it contains passionate, intriguing, and mystifying emotions. The uncredited voice enters and lights up the rhythm with an upbeat tempo and warm poetic lyrics, this sounds like a love that listeners can feel.

This sped-up version is ambient, soulful, and addicting. Listeners will immediately be enthralled by the uncredited voice as they provide a strong emphasis on love and sensations.

“I’ve been thinking about you/ and I don’t know where to start/ But I’ve been hurt before/ and I don’t want to feel the pain no more-” The uncredited voice admits that they want to feel love again, but they aren’t sure where to begin, as it can be a scary feeling and diving completely in can be even more frightening.

“Ain’t no rush/ and I don’t want to play no games.” Savoy Ellis and the uncredited voice make a great team and we hope to hear more from them. Check out The Love Album and follow Savoy Ellis on his socials for more. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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