“Invincible” by Kosmo Kint, Sam Ruffillo, and Kapote

“Invincible” by Kosmo Kint, Sam Ruffillo, and Kapote is one of those songs that wears its heart on its sleeve–there are no questions regarding what it is and what it wants to convey. It’s electropop. It’s dance. It’s uplifting. It’s just incredibly easy to enjoy. From a musical standpoint, the chords, vocals, and melodies fit together like a puzzle. The lyrics exude confidence and power over indulgently luscious synths. It’s not too often these days that you come across an immersive piece of music like this. You don’t have to think too hard about it to know that it’s your new favorite song.

Driving drums, pulsing synth pads, and acrobatic vocals grace the intro. The volume fades in, culminating in the first recitation of the chorus: “I’m solid / Focused / Golden.” The singer vocalizes a sweet, light falsetto. The rhythm thickens suddenly as we hear the hook, “I’m invincible.” This swung, deeply hypnotic groove envelops the feel. The placement of each percussive sound in just the right place makes this one of the most dance-able songs you’ll ever hear.

The rest of the song utilizes texture and dynamics by peppering in ad-libs, synth motifs, and small, sparse moments to keep listeners engaged. Without a doubt, this song was made for the club–or even a house party. Either way, you’re left moving your body. These three musicians really came together to create something creative and ultimately effective. Be sure to give each of them some love on your choice of streaming service or social media.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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