“Shortline” by Canning

I don’t think you all are ready for this next song I’m reviewing today. This song right here has managed to capture a retro yet new school sound and, dare I say, are true innovators of the now. Let’s talk about “Shortline” by Canning.

Musically, I have so much praise for this! The guitar is center stage in this song, and it is beyond amazing. It has that alt-rock twang to it that just gives it so much character! I also love how it lingers in the beginning, almost as a way of telling us to get ready for what we’re about to hear.

There are intermittent solos between the verses and they are what I like to call, “Melt-your-face” guitar solos. Those are the solos that are so amazing that you get this tingle throughout your body, almost like your face is melting! Luckily, we have two of those in here!

Lyrically, this is great! Starting off with, “Hide your will from your mind”, this song is about not being able to escape yourself and being unable to hide from yourself. However, I want to highlight the singer’s voice. He has this… authority when he’s on the mic. You hear him sing and you are just drawn into him, hanging on every word he says!

One of my favorite lyrics comes when our singer says, “I tell myself deep inside that your ways cannot hide”. It’s such a powerful lyric. With the guitar changing sound a bit here, the line sticks out even more. With this song being about not hiding from yourself, I love how the guitar sound reveals even more.

I could go on and on about this song! One more thing I absolutely love is that after the chorus when the solo comes in, you feel as if you are on your own journey of discovery on that short line! Canning isn’t just a band, they are a feeling. Please listen to “Shortline” by Canning, you won’t regret it!

Written by Marcus Norris





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