“Fly Away” by Atomic Bronco

If you’re an Elliott Smith fan, you’re in luck. “Fly Away” by Atomic Bronco has all the sentimental charm you know and love from his discography. With simple, effective instrumentation and a lovable vocalist, this track just embodies everything that’s great about indie rock. You’ll be obsessed before you know it.

A lovely acoustic guitar ushers us into the song, soon joined by some driving drums and bass. “It doesn’t take long to see / I’m running on the ecstasy of touching you,” the singer croons, dripping with chorus and reverb. This subtle groove carries on throughout the verse, widened by an electric guitar rake signifying the beginning of the chorus. “Oo’s” and “Ah’s” float through the background with elegance. It doesn’t change the feel immensely, but just enough that we experience the rush of a good hook. This whole song rests in a pretty understated place dynamically, having that sort of buttery, jaded effect you expect from a 90s rock song.

As the song develops the harmonies thicken, and the guitar lines get a tad more complicated. Each section provides a new layer to the lyrics, which broadly describe escapism. As it wraps up, you’re enveloped in a bittersweet warmth, and you’re itching for a little more from Atomic Bronco. So, give them a follow, a like, and a listen on your choice of streaming service or social media! You’ll be delighted by the artistry, style, and musicianship of this uniquely retro artist. Plus, you might just have a new favorite song.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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