“Don’t Tell Me” by Blair Djuna

Carving out a sound all his own, Sydney based artist Blair Djuna just released his electric new single “Don’t Tell Me.” Djuna has had a love for music all his life and has continued to push the boundaries of what being an artist means to him. In 2018, Djuna was a founding member of the pop duo SEGANA but now he is focused on his solo projects.  

“Don’t Tell Me” launches you into a story of a couple that has gotten wrapped up in the heat of the moment. Djuna sings about “floating in your galaxy / heading for destruction all along.” The hook of the song is Djuna coming back to reality and telling the love interest not to tell him she loves him if it is untrue. Now all of this is happening with a synthy and fun alt indie production.

The chorus is big and echoes with a groovy post chorus and vocal modulation. Djuna is able to incorporate so many different musical elements together with this complex love story, all while it is insanely catchy. When talking about his songwriting, Djuna shared, “While composing sound is what brings my music to life, it’s the lyrics that give it heart.” This song is just begging to be a top 40 hit, with its earworm hook and fun repetition. It has all the elements of a classic summer single.

Djuna has a music video in the works for this single but in the meantime add this song to all your summer playlists!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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